Bicycles for the Kids!

On Saturday, December 14, 2013, I went to the On Bikes’ Winter Wonder Ride in Hyde Park Village in Tampa, FL. For those who don’t know, On Bikes is a local non-profit that holds a few events a year to raise money to buy bicycles for children. To my eyes, it seemed like there were at least four to five hundred, Christmas attire wearing, jolly individuals. All came out, ready to bike not only for fun, but to help support a team that donates bikes to kids!

The red and green wearing riders brought their bikes to ride, but those who didn’t have one could rent a bike for the day. We took off from the Village around 3p and with the help of a police escort, headed to Bayshore Blvd. The riders cruised on Bayshore for a few miles, down to Gandy Blvd, and then headed back to the village. I saw speed bikes, beach cruisers, tandem bikes, a firetruck that had people dancing on it, bikes with kids carriages that carried booming speakers with music playing, and hundreds of people having a ball!

Once back to the Village, there was a DJ playing music, food trucks (Hot Mess and Jimmy’s Meatballs, among others), and a $10 all you can drink party. There were people taking photos by the giant Christmas Tree, kids dancing, and everyone having an all-around great time.

Thanks On Bikes for throwing such an awesome event! The Great Mother’s Day Race supports local causes and is eager to help out with the next event. Make sure to check out their page for future updates!

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