Back To School Workout Blues? No problem!

back to school

We all know your back to school schedule is crazy! But that is no excuse to abandon your fitness goals! Below are a few great tips for your back to school workouts.

1Work out a little, often


It’s sort of like eating a bunch of small meals a day.  If you have to, break up your workouts so that you can still burn calories!  Even if you don’t hit your burn every day, at least you are building muscle and burning calories. Never skip a chance to workout!

2Let the children play


Play with your kids!  Even if you don’t get an intense cardio session in, you can still take a walk, take a bike ride, or play with the dog together.

3Strap in your tot and go


With toddlers at home and kids in school, you can snug your baby in a jogging stroller and be on your way!

4Just do it with a DVD


Workout DVDs are all the rage right now!  You don’t have to leave your living room to break a sweat.  They even have them at the library!

5Workout at work


Try taking the stairs, parking farther way, or sneaking in some desk push-ups!  It will give you some energy and boost your mood.


Did we mention 5Ks?  Make sure you are training for the 2015 Great Mother’s Day and Great Father’s Day races!  Read this full article here:


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