Ragnar Relay: Miami to Key West

When I set about to create an event with one of my best friends, Claire, I wanted to do something that friends and family could do together to create exciting and lasting memories. Sure, sometimes it’s fun to do something on your own, to experience it only for yourself. But really, it’s another thing altogether to do an experience with another individual. You get your experience, your friend has theirs, and then you combine those experiences to create something powerful together. And once you have that shared experience, it brings you closer, and you have that time together, forever.

I had one of those cherished experiences this past weekend at the Ragnar Relay Race: Miami to Key West. I set out with 11 other people and we ran a 198 mile relay race through Miami, marshes, highways, construction zones, alligator alleys, and finally through sand as we wound up in Key West. I slept in a van, and on concrete, with my van members (6 people total) and had one shared experience with these people (now friends). It was easily one of the best times of my life. Did I mention that I ran approximately 16 miles? Some of those tough miles were in the sun, after little sleep, and after being both physically and mentally exhausted. But you’ve never seen a happier team as we all crossed the finish line together in Key West.

Some things you just have to experience with other people! Come experience The Great Mother’s Day Race or The Great Father’s Day Race with us. You’ll be glad you did.



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